A social network built for those in need


Ironpaper recently launched the BETA version of a new social network called Healtheo360. 

Healtheo360 is a social network for individuals who have been diagnosed with a life changing condition such as cancer, diabetes or Autism. The social network is not limited to the patient. Instead, the website is directed to anyone affected by the illness, including friends, family and care givers. Ultimately the website is a place of inspiration and community for health issues--some of which are easy to talk about publicly and others may be less so. 

The website provides a semi anonymous cover for profiles--disguising last names and other identifiers. Although the majority of the content within the site is video (typically auto-biographical in nature), users who are concerned for privacy may opt to tell their story in text format to preserve anonymity. 

Ironpaper has since become a partner on the project and has worked with owners and investors to help guide technology, user-experience and business strategy for the site. This healthcare-based social website is designed to be simple to navigate and quickly gets users to view and respond to content posted within the site. 

Learn more about: Healtheo360's support groups and community